About us

The 1990s brought profound changes in Europe and globally with long-lasting consequences until this day. Globalization reached all corners of the world; the geo-political scene underwent deep transformations whilst the map of Europe significantly changed with the advent of the European Union and with many new countries emerging on the ruins of socialist federations; migrations from South to North, from East to West, have been taking place, whereas digital technology changed the way we live and act today.

In the period between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 attack, the war was raging throughout the Balkans. Today the unaddressed problems such as nationalism, populism and violence that we can trace back to these years openly threaten regional and global peace, stability and prosperity.

Our mission is to engage wider public and citizens with that influential decade so that collectively we could understand and confront today’s political, social and cultural challenges.

The Museum of the Nineties is a joint work of individuals, experts, activists, and partner organizations from across the post-Yugoslav region. Our aim is to establish the Museum of the Nineties as a regional center for reconciliation, education and future cooperation. The center will provide a long-term, polyfunctional and multi-media platform—on line and on site—that will effectively correspond with our turbulent times.